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Taking it day by day

Jeren Calinisan
18| Northern California| golf

Project 365

You’re full of it.

Hypocrisy, violence, threats, tantrums, alcohol and insults. Its becoming near impossible to brush all that off. My sought happiness is to be put on hold again because you claim to hold the ability and authority to control it.
“Frustration” doesn’t even suffice to what i feel right now. I’m learning to bottle up everything, but one day I’m going to have to let it out. Now this is my threat : These restrictions have only made the forbidden fruit more alluring. If you haven’t noticed whenever I have freedom in my hands, I take advantage of it be because I’m unaware of the next time I’ll have it. Just watch what happens if you keep these restrictions up. I hope you know all the harm you have, and continue to inflict has really fucked me up. I’ve already adapted quirks out of trauma. I want it to stop.


— 1 year ago
#can i just cry in someones arms right now