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Her favorite kind. As soon as you see her, tell her that she looks beautiful. Open doors for her, not because she’s incapable, but because she comes before you. But don’t do these things because they look good on paper. Do them because your intentions are rooted in your heart. Be sincere and upfront with how much you care. Keep things clear. Don’t bury your true feelings with a “cool” facade. No one is too cool to be honest. 

She wants to know that you remembered the little details. She wants to know that you payed close attention to what she’s said. Make a note of what she likes and dislikes. And practice such knowledge without announcement. She doesn’t want to ask you to do things and she doesn’t want to feel the need to remind you. Although, know that she doesn’t want to be a hassle or a handful to deal with. She just knows herself and what she prefers and isn’t afraid to express that. 

She won’t admit it, but she loves the little surprises. She may not care if it’s in front of the world or just between you and her, but she wants the attention. She constantly wants to be reassured that you are still willing to put in effort. Put in an effort to outdo yourself, like your still trying to get her to fall for you, even though it’s clear that she’s already fallen head over heels. 

Know that she wants to do the same thing. She’s always trying to better herself for you and maintain her best traits for you. She wants to be someone you’re proud to stand next to and proud to claim as yours. She wants you to flaunt her, regardless of her high confidence and poise. It won’t hurt her to show how much you adore her. Don’t ever let her think you’re embarrassed to be in love, because she’ll only think you’re embarrassed to be with her. Don’t ever let your actions fall short of the truth, because she analyzes everything and can easily misunderstand.

She remembers a lot about you too, you know: What drives you crazy and what grabs your attention. She finds satisfaction in knowing your favorites like the back of her hand. She feels empowerment in knowing you better than anyone else. She wants to be the vault that locks away all of your secrets and she wants to be the one you choose over anyone else. 

You are charming, she wouldn’t have fallen for you if you weren’t. Channel that charm toward a sweet gesture. Remind her why you fell for each other. Do the unexpected; be spontaneous, because you only want her to look back at your relationship and see it for how amazing it was. You want her to know that you loved her all along.

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