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Jeren Calinisan
18| Northern California| golf

Project 365

Two weeks into summer vacation I have yet to waste a day. I love my busy schedule, though tiring, it is is all so satisfying. Lately I have felt a lesser need to document my trials and tribulations only because I have convinced myself that no one really cares. Even in person my only audience are the curious not the concerned. Vent sessions only fill the gaps in conversations and barely scratch the surface of my need for an outlet. Let me outline my train of thought:

Entering my Junior year I signed up for only 2 AP classes. I struggled last year with one so hopefully I’ll do better the second time around. After this post I will begin the English 3 assignment. My GPA is a disgrace. Next year I need to crack down. Less social time, less leisure, less problems. 

"Talented but lazy" The last week of school my friend wore a Nike shirt with this printed in pink. It made me think. I need to stop selling myself short and just practice. I’m tired of being second best. I’m tired of not being good enough. Golf is a growing priority. My crafts can wait a little.

Single life has been treating me better than I thought.  Having recovered from a serious relationship opened my eyes to the bigger picture. All the heartache now is a reminder to stop being a hopeless romantic. I’ve found myself falling but thankfully there were incidents along the way that woke me up.  Putting as much effort as the other end is easier said than done. Right now my main focus is to follow God’s plan and whoever’s path crosses with mine I’ll enjoy as much time as I have with them. 

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  1. milazilla said: This post made me realize how much you’ve grown through the years. I’m like a proud older sister to see you maturing into such a strong and intelligent young woman. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you :)
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